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Change Classic Setup Images

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I found this on a tutorial before on the internet, but cant find it again now. I want to know where to change the classic setup bitmaps. For example the "One Moment Please..." window you get when you start the classic setup installation of Windows XP.


As you can see the image is not centered right. It looks messy.


I opened WINNT32.EXE in Resedit and found the same image I saw when installing. So I thought that was the one I needed to change.


Then I created my own image and replaced the original. And I saved the file and repacked the ISO.

And then I supposed the setup must look like this. (Edited with Photoshop)


But Windows Setup just displayed the default lame image instead of my own. Can someone tell me which file I need to edit?

Also I have a question about WINNT32A.DLL and WINNT32U.DLL which look exactly the same to me.

If I want to replace the setup bitmaps found in there which files do I need to edit then? Both files? Just one? Or are there more files with the bitmaps like the problem above?


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