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[Request] DirectX 9.0c & Media Player 9.0


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I'm guessing these addons are already available somewhere, but my last hour of searching has turned up nothing. Can anyone post a link to where I can download DirectX 9.0c & Windows Media Player 9 for my Windows 2000 slipstream? Thank you.

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DirectX 9.0c Aug

Check the text in the link:


This package is localized into ..............

Sure this must mean that just the install is in different languages but the package is multi-languaged

I think this is the case, I checked Sereby's DirectX addon and found that all the files are identical (English (USA)) as on my swedish XP.

I tried the DirectX addon and it worked with no problems at all!

Sereby also told me if MS releases a new DirectX he will name it multi-languaged, and ofcourse if the files are English (USA).

Sereby's DirectX addon is a direct integration, replaces the old files with the new, exactly as on slipstreaming service packs.

I recommend this instead of the silent install DirectX addons (silent is a waste of space, only makes XP Image file larger)!

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