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is there a list of apps that nlite wont run with?


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ive tried nlite before and couldnt manage to get .net2 installed at all.

However with a fresh install of xp i was able to install and run both .net2 and nlite without errors made a disc (very pleased with it). However a few more updates are out, and i wanted to make a couple of tweeks to my install disc so i tried to use nlite again.

To my surprise the same old error is happening again. You click the nlite exe and it tries to open in fact nlite.exe runs in task manager at 100%cpu but the program does not open no mater how long you leave it.

This is the same error i got before with both nlite and .net2. So im guessing that maybe im running some software that nlite really does not like (as it worked fine on a clean install)

So back to topic;

Is there a list of software that nlite will not run with?

Has anyone else noticed similiar problems?

In short HELP.

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To shoot blind try the usual stuff:

uninstall all frameworks, reboot, install only latest .NET 2.0 and be sure that you don't overdo the service disabling if you do such thing.

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I had similar problem before :P

But later when I got nlite workin, I integrated all the hotfixes with nlite and on the new nLited XP it worked perfectly ;)

I'm sure I'm not the only one getting weird problems when installing hotfixes, for this reason only I am only integrating new hotfixes on a fresh XP.

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yeh as i said on a fresh install it worked fine.

Thanks to the site mod for his answer, but the purpose of my post was to hopefully find the 1 thing im running thats incompatable so i dont have to uninstall all that stuff. At the end of the day its a working pc and if ive installed it im useing it, im not going to remove a heap of stuff to get 1 app working. But if there was a list of apps that definatly conflict, or if someone has had similar trouble and worked out what it was it would save me a lot of hassle.

Other then .net and .net2 i have no other runtimes installed. So im asumeing its an application it dont like.

Im disabling my antivirus and spyware catcher but im sure theres something im missing.

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