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Autologon Problem with Encrypted Admin Password and Renamed Account


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I'm working on an unattended deployment of Windows XP Pro and for security reasons I need to 1) change the admin account name and 2) encrypt the admin password in the winnt.sif file. I also need to autologon to windows on first boot using either the admin account or th default account to install applications. I've been trying to do this (mostly) with nLite but having problems. Does anyone have any ideas? Here's my process:

- Use setupmgr to generate an encrypt the password.

- Configure nLite to setup unattended answer file, options, and make ISO.

- In nLite's unattended setup, enter plaintext passwd and set autologon to 1

- In nLite's options setup, rename the administrator to "BigBro"

- At the make ISO pause, copy the encrypted passwd from setupmgr into the winnt.sif file in i386.

- Set encrypted password to "yes" in winnt.sif

- Create and burn ISO

When I try the installation, it tells me the password is invalid at the first login attempt. If I click ok and enter the correct plaintext password and the BigBro username, it works just fine. Any thoughts?



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