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need a sig plz


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well, be prepared to fool around with photoshop and not have a clue what your doing....then, once you figure out all the do-dads and fancy stuff, go try some tutorials, start here

then eventually, things just fall into place.... :)

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can i also ask for sig ?

im: Omik and i want sig with my nick and that foto ....

here are my pics ...

1st. i want this one the most


2nd. if that before is too hard to change this one is also nice


thx and gl smile.gif

oh it will be nice if u can make also avatar smile.gif

Ok, i was bored, so I made the following...

Tell me if you like it.



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This has turned into a good thread.

Comment: Contributing to the forums can mean helping others, critiquing, a few brainfarts and asking questions also. Obviously, a silly question will probably get you some toast in return (we occasionally toast around here but don't look kindly on flaming. Brown is done, black is buggered) but questions can also clarify points, increase someone else's knowledge with the answeres or even take things in new directions.


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