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Which Internet Browser do you use.



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  1. 1. Which Unternet Browser do you use?

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
    • Opera 8.5+
    • Opera 9
    • Mozilla Foundation/Corporation - Firefox
    • Netscape

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I usually upgrade to the latest version of Opera a week or so after it is released. For me, it performs far better than other browsers. I wouldn't mind better userJS/FF extension/greasemonkey support, though!

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i was a FF user before, but switched to Opera months ago. i never switch back to FF ever since. Opera rocks. If u r a FF user and u want to switch to Opera, one thing that wud annoy you is the tab behaviour. but ul get used to it like me. :sneaky:

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Topic started: Jul 23 2006, 04:59 AM


I agree, kind of odd that the 2nd post in the thread came almost six months after the first one.

Maybe it has been ignored because there are other threads on the same topic every now and then?

Mostly I'm using the latest version of Firefox and occasionally IE, haven't quite gotten into tweaking Opera yet (I don't use it on a daily basis until I've tweaked it) but I've tried and liked it.

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My primary browser is Opera 9.10. Ever since Opera 8, I was hooked. :)

Right now, I'm writing this from Firefox though, since I just installed Xubuntu on a spare system I've got here. Figured I'd make it 2 tux boxes that I've got. ;)

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