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Building up a new computer, needs advices


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I know I'm not as pro as TH's guys and did not intend to OC it to 4GHz. :rolleyes:

Thanks for your comment.

Btw, I wouldn't overclock any system in Paris, definitely too hot here ATM (35°C). I'll wait until mid-September and then, OCCT. :P

I thought LiteOn was not that good but was not sure.

Now, I think LiteOn SHM-165P6S should be OK. :)

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well my opinion on liteon is that they are #1 for cd burners but not so much for dvd burners. maybe they are better now but im not positive. both my and a friend have the nec 3550a and its amazing. very cheap too, $31 at newegg. plextor is also good but expensive. as for video card brand, my favorite is evga, they have amazing service, run fast, and run cool.

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Battle of the Brands.

EVGA - Great warranty, especcally for overclocks- VIDEOCARD (Recommend Nvidia based cards)

Gigabyte - Great Mobo, has secondary bios for fail safe, and good support.

Sony - Plextor - DVD writers, plextor offers higher cache but expensive

AMD processer really don't overclock well, recommend high end fan or water cooling

Intel -- good overclock ability with out the frying, Core2 processer are new and benchmarks in testing out due the AMD (source http://www.anandtech.com - recommend this site for all hardware)

Monitors - ViewSonic (maybe bit high but great), or Dell

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What do you mean AMD dont overclock well, Are you insane. I have seen ppl with Opty 144s that come stock at 1.8Ghz clocked at 2.9Ghz, Also my 3700+ San Diego That i recently purchased has been over 3Ghz and stayed below 50c at full load after running prime 95 for 12hrs. I was lucky and got one of the best steppings :D

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im using an acer witch actualy is GREAT mine a 17inc lcd with a cristal coating and high brightness.

example: Acer AL1751 AS (8ms dsup / dvi) - Eur: 230 ~ E.275

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Of course, I did not realized it could be an annoyance (was thinking at something else :wub: )

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (1800 Mhz - s939) 0.09µ, core Venice

Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 (mobo)

PQI PC3200 1024 Mo DDR * 2 -> 2GB

Hitachi 250Go 7200 RPM S-ATA II T7K500

Asus Extreme N7600GT/2DHT 256Mo

BenQ T705 (17", nice contrast and luminosity, answer : 13ms, 1280x1024@75Hz, will try to check inside the shop)

MSI PC54G2 PCI Adapter (WiFi adapter, not sure but i can't find any good one)

Powercolor CPCR-102 8 en 1 (card reader, 8 in 1)

Enermax CS-5168ABFS-W (case, bought today)

LiteOn SHM-165P6S BOX (DVD burner, scored really well on TH's benchmarks with DVD+Rs and I learned they make Sony's burners in fact :P )

Logitech Deluxe (simple and efficient keyboard, PS/2, bought today)

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lol, i just dont have any word processing stuff installed so i cant view it.

where are you ordering these things from? for mobo maybe a ASUS A8N5X ? its a cheap comp but it looks good. im not sure about that wireless either, you can never tell with wireless.

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There's a french company, which is at CAC40 and they own a big, big, big shop called "Surcouf" (they claim to be the biggest in the world, 3 levels, hundreds of meters long...).

The thing is hundreds of people decided to establish there. Mainly Asians.

So in Paris, you have a place with fast only computer shops. If you're lost you can find your way just by paying attention to the density of shops and where people with big bags go.

They're really not expensive and have new hardware pretty quickly.

Of course some shops are not really reliable so you have to pay attention.

Nearly all of them are listed and ranked on http://www.rue-montgallet.com (named after the street where there is nothing else)

I checked Asus's A8N5X. It has no Firewire but looks better for overclocking and silence (able to control CPU and case fan speed, but the case has a reobus and GA-K8NF-9 can change CPU fan speed with SpeedFan, see)


For the WiFi, I choosed one with a movable antenna, hope signal will be better.

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WI-FI humm, 802.11g

I have a *box to connect to the internet and it only supports g. ;)

I don't know if many countries have *boxes : they are 3-way modems (TV, telephony and Internet), and so called because they are LiveBox, 9Box, AOLBox...

Also, I think I'll go for a 3500+ in fact, it's only 3 or 4€ more extensive because the price for the 3000+ was not the correct one.

A friend of mine told me ASUS GPU had an annoying software thing : they need a software that is buggy in order to work correctly.

It's a Gigabyte, fanless, I'll post details this evening.

This friend also told me NEC burners were better. And he burns a looooot. :ph34r:

So I'll trust him (did not see NECs because they only have BULK burners available)

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