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MSconfig possible on unattended OEM cd?

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Hays ive been working on a windows xp sp2 unattended cd which also install office and afew programs i use...the problem is that on the first load they all popup and slow the launch time significantly....

If possible is there any way to stop these programs from starting so only the basic windows tasks start up?

So its like when u untick the start up list in msconfig?

Also if this IS possible anyway for it to disable / stop services as default?


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By what method are you installing the applications? If you can determine which application installs what startup, you could always remove that specific entry by created a reg file that would run after the program installation completes.

There is a way to stop services via a reg file. Google around and check the regtweaks forum for that.

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There're many places (registry and startup folders) where startup programs can place their shortcuts. I don't recommend a blanket deletion of HKLM Run key, because some hardware related utils and AV/firewall use that key. Some programs use HKCU and some HKLM while others startup folders. It's best to find out exactly what to delete first from a test installation.

The RunOnce key if present deletes itself after the first run anyway.

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