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Question about Vista Build 5472


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Well I would like to try latest beta of vista but as far it will go some questions came up that I am concerned about... drivers

My hardware:

CPU : Pentium IV 2.26 GHz

GPU : GeForce 6800

Board: Intel D845EBT

Network : Intel PRO/100 VE adapter

Audio : SoundMax integrated

RAM : 512

HDD : 2X Western Digital Caviar ATA 100

So far i found drivers only for graphic card, and what about audio motherboard and network adapter, are those gonna be installed by default with vista ? Because if not I think they are yet not available, and in that case playing with latest beta doesn't make any sense.Thanks for any suggestions or tips !

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Vista will probably turn on Aero, but you can go back to Vista Standard instead if it slows things down with your memory. Vista comes with the video drivers but you're probably better off running the NVidia Vista drivers like I do with my ATI stuff. Just run the installer and it should update them properly. I wouldn't mess with DriverCleaner or registry cleaners at this point until developers of those kinds of things test them with Vista.

I've read that Vista usually won't install the audio during setup, but Windows Update has SoundMAX drivers for it. I've also read that they don't sound too good and that the XP driver is better. But just extract them and do a Device Manager inf install rather than running the SoundMAX installer. I don't think that software works properly with the Vista PlayControl, but the drivers themselves should be able to be controlled fine through the PlayControl. Say goodbye to the software midi except for Microsoft Roland.

Be careful if you have an HP Scanner. Just disable it rather than installing the HP XP software/drivers. You're system won't boot with that stuff installed. If your printer doesn't have an exact driver, you can use one that is similar by updating from Device Manager. First see if the auto install works, and try Windows Update. If not, select Choose another driver, choose printers and select a similar model listed under your printer's manufacturer. That worked for me.

I used the Office Beta on 5456, but went back to WorksSuite 2005 with the Works and office updates for 5472. I like knowing where stuff is and how to use it! PictureIt can't seem to open its Library. Hmmm. Make sure if you install stuff with old Shockwave installers that you uninstall Shockwave in Control Panel and download the newer Shockwave and Flash versions.

WMP 11 has a cool new library. I hope you have a software DVD player because WMP continues to have problems with DVD playback. On 5456 it couldn't play copy protected DVD's, and on 5472 it plays them but without sound. PowerDVD 6 and 7 work fine, as does Nero 6 Ultra with Showtime.

Yeah, your pc is good enough especially if you turn Aero off. The new standard theme is just like Aero except for the see through Glass stuff so it'll still look pretty without slowing you down.

It's worth it. It's fun experimenting. Just don't depend on it yet. Keep your XP partition working!

Oh! Firefox set as default breaks Internet Explorer favorites folder from expanding in the Favorites Center. You gotta activate the old fashioned toolbar and use the dropdown to use them. This time I haven't even installed Firefox yet. We'll see if they fix that. Once the bookmarks are set to open in Firefox that's all they open in unless you access them from that dropdown.

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