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Halo + The Warthog


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I was playing on halo earlier and i was driving around in my warthog as ya do and i decided to see just how many places i could get it. I started driving it through this doorway when it got stuck :(


I decided to blast it in abit further by using grenades and rocket launcher. Then it occured to me that there was another warthog on the level so i went and got that, I drove that back and decided to cram that in the tunnel aswell,


I wandered about the island before finally finding another warthog. I drove that back and rammed it in aswell and finally the one at the other end popped through, I then reversed one blew up the second one and managed to get that one in far enough so that i could get in the drivers seat to drive it through :D.

Just thought id share this as it was quite amusing.

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