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Office 2003 Updates - Slipstreaming 7-20-2006


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All the hotfixes released by MS have MSI files inside them. Extract these files and run this command for integrating the hotfixes

msiexec /p x:\blah..\blah..\patch.msp /a y:\abc...\blah...\pro11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb-

This way the entire sp2 and updates thereafter can be integrated.

Note: The entire office 2003 package have to be transformed into a network install source prior to slipstreaming the updates. To do this, make a folder on a drive with reasonable amount of space available and, call it, say, c:\Office. Open Start, Run. Type cddrive:\office11\setup.exe /a

Follow the instructions for an admin install. :rolleyes:

Another issue not addressed by MS is that MS Update does not recognise the updates being applied eventhough they are, whereas office update does. MS has recognised is lacuna but has not done anything so far. So if you want to keep MS Update happy, re-run the updates after install.

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