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dell 1505E best cooling fan


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What sort of cooling fan do you mean... case? CPU? HDD?

...and BTW, 70$ is *much* more than what the most expensive fan costs. You could probably get a good 80mm case fan for 7$.

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Are you looking to replace the entire heatsink/fan combo? I think the E15's only have a single fan/heatsink combo unit.

It's not like the old inspirons that had two "mini" exhaust fans at the back. For that im not sure where you can get them. Dell might be your best bet in that situation.

If your talking "Lap" coolers, I could give you some info on those though.

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From what I've read, the I6400 doesn't need a cooling fan.

If you are really worried about cooling performance, I'd recommend a simple laptop stand like the Targus Podium Coolpad. I've got one at home, and it does a better job than most of the fan-based laptop coolers out there.

I've recently moved up from the Coolpad to the RainDesign iLap. It's a little more fancy, but it's far more comfortable when actually using it on your lap. It's more meant towards Mac users, but the 17" version fits my Dell I6000 just fine. :)

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ripken in p*ssed off mode :P, ripken COOLING fan needed... just joking.

I think it’s just his English, but your right, people just don’t read and want an answer in 1 minute, 5 seconds and 3 nano-seconds :sneaky:

MSFN.org is the best :wub:

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