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Got this question recently

Is Windows Genuine Advantage part of your Unofficial Win2K SP5 or did you choose to leave that one out? How about the ActiveX control KB908531 that's causing so much grief lately? I'm not sure whether that one is used for Win2K or not but if it is, did you choose to leave it out as well?

I'm hoping you selected only the GOOD updates to incorporate into SP5.

Please let me know whether that's true.



There are no WGA components in any USP B)

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actualy they dont exist... for win2k

and why should there be, MS doesn't release any new features for windows 2k, and sercurity fixes are installed on windows xp without WGA also,

so any stuf that MS wants WGA for, wil not be released for 2k anyways so why bother....

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When you download SyncToy or the Virtual CD-ROM powertoy you have to validate but they install otherwise. Just remember under Windows 2000 and Server 2003 they are unsupported.

Windows 2000 should pass automatically as does Server 2003. Im expecting that to change for Server 2003 as more people are adopting it for their desktop.

Software like Private Folder and PhotoStory will not install on 2k or 2k3 either.

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There are SOME 2000 downloads that require WGA, but according to someone with Microsoft (can't remember where I read this), 2000 computers should pass automatically.


some of them include Media Player 9 and DirectX 9 which do require WGA

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