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[Help] - How to read an XP drive on another machine


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>so which fixed it for you niceguy the first or the second?

hi IcemanND

i have to unhide the partition and then assign a drive letter.

i guess both.


sorry man i'm out of ideas why you can't seem to access you hdd.

my apologies....


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@ sqzdog

Access your data with this tool Run Time

Has worked for me, more than once.

Just make sure you don´t write to that drive, easy solution is to run it as an external drive.

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I'll do that. Just a quick note, I have an external USB enclosure but when I hook it up my computer doesn't detect the drive. I checked it with another drive and it worked so it is something with this HD.

Also, there are several softwares on the site link you gave me. Which one do I use?

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Other than trying one of the many data recovery apps out there, I'm running out of ideas.

I've recently tested a lot of data recovery tools, and the best is R-Studio Corporate v3.0. I believe DigeratiPrime would also agree).

Just to pain you a picture:

I had Star Trek TNG seasons I downloaded, burnt, and deleted off my HD months and months ago. Since then I reformatted, full and about half a dozen quick formats. I also restored my drive with an Acronis image several times. Copied, extracted, deleted, defragmented dozens and hundreds of times, you name it.

Even still, R-Studio recovered about 2 seasons of my downloaded TV show, as well as 820 MBs of other thngs.

Other very good ones are:

Runtime GetDataBack

FinalData Enterprise v2.0


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Firts try setting it as master & attach it to the secondary ide channel. Make sure the disk is visible in your bios & shows full capacity.

All partitions should be directly visible & accessible. The drive letters are likely to change as c: partition of this disk just might show up as d: under windows.

If this fails only solution would be to set it as master in an external usb drive casing. All partitions should be visible. I would not try any disk recovery software before above methods.

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