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Winternals Administrators Pack 5 Flash Drive Install

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I have Winternals Administrators Pack 5 CD and I would like to Experiment with running it from a USB Flash Drive.

Flash drive size is no drawback to me as I have one of those new Miniature HDD Flash Drives.

It is an ( Archos ) 4gig unit.

These type of devices do not suffer from Bunout from continual write/rewrite like the chip type models.

I have been experimenting with making Flash drives Bootable for some years now .

My flash drive is currently formated to fat32 with Dos7 installed and it Boots without any problem.

To install the complete admin cd to it and make it bootable I thought it would be no problem.

So I Erased all Files and Folders from it and Copied the Entire Contents of the Admin CD to it.

Now I went to control panel and made Hidden O/S Files Visbile first.

Anyway the dam thing won't boot.

I thought with windows 2000/xp etc , One could just Copy all the Files from the Root Dir and they would be bootable.

So I am wondering if I have to somehow Write/Burn the ISO Image of the CD to the Flash Drive.

But How do I do this.

Nero does not give any Option other thand CD's or Dvd Drives as Writable Devices.

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