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pc crashes when i try to play a game (any game)

InViSibLe Gr

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my pc crashes after i open a game (any game)

no bluescreen no nothing it is just crashing

and the screen goes black and nothing works after that no ctrl+alt+del... no nothing

and i'm resetting again and again with no luck :(

my pc is :

windows xp sp2 pro nlited with nlite 1.0 final and ryanvm last pack

(i didnt remove anything that i wasnt 100% sure with nlite so the problem is not that)

MSI K8N NEO2-FX (nforce 3 250gb chipset)

ATHLON 64 3500+




any ideas?

please help me... :(

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@XP_2600 i tested both directdraw and direct3d and it was ok

the only thing i saw it was in the non full black screen with the with bouncing box

the box stuck 2 or 3 times for less than 1sec

does this mean anything ?

@ripken204 i checked the event viewer and the only error i found in there it was an error from vmware :

Source : VMware Virtual Mount Service Extended
Can't open key, "{124B91A0-21B2-4107-A5BE-050B8E25079C}"

but i dont thing this has nothing to do with my problem

is there any program that i can check for H/W problems? (for memory and display adapter)

btw my display drivers are the latest and directx is updated

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hmm if its ATI try to uninstall its driver, there is a utlity clean all ATI drivers, then try it with Windows driver (without installing any utilities) then let me know if the problem still there with that.

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I also got issues with ati drivers: when i last upgraded a few weeks ago to lastest ati drivers, i had flickering image all the time not only in game. I restored my old drivers and same problem. I reinstalled entire XP and still the same probleme. I changed the video card against an old Gforce 4MX and the problem was still there even after reinstalling again. I was about to give up when i tried vga mode and there all was working fine even if it was slow as hell. So the video cards all worked but the ati drivers modified / or detroyed something in my AGP port/controler because when i thought about this cause i tried an nvidia riva TNT2 which is only AGP X1 and it worked perfectly. Then i flashed my MB and reset the bios without getting the agp port to work normally.

Ati drivers finally damaged my MB. I didn't knew it was even possible.

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so what's the problem with ati's new drivers?

why is this happening?

Well i dont know, but i heard that they used to publish drivers without testing them enough, anyway i used to keep the driver as long as its running my games even if i find a newer drivers at ATI sites :D.

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