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Registry Tweaks during installation?


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i've got a problem with my registry tweaks compilation.

in my winnt.sif, there's this line:



so, as i logon the first time, windows starts this one and asks me if i want to add this to the registry.

i click yes, logoff, even restart, but most of the settings they should change, remain.

only as i manually double click that tweak and then relog or restart, all the information is added.

is this a know behavior for windows, and how could I change this? or even better, apply those changes during the installation?

mainly, these are changes to the energy options, disabling screen saver, changing window looks and folder options.

thank you in advance

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Could you check if the tweaks that disappears are CURRENT_USER reg-settings?

Probably they are set on the "Administrator" account and not the one you log into.

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You may use:


"regedit /s A:\RegistryModifier.reg"

This adds registry settings without asking.


However, depending on the content of the reg file you're importing into the registry, the behavior from running during GUIRunOnce vs. you doing so interactively may be a rights issue to the registry location you're attempting to modify. The GUIRunOnce location may be using a system account to import the registry and thus not able to update your user Hive. When you double-click on it, however, it does.

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you could always move the call to the registry file to the CMDLINES.TXT and use

"regedit /s A:\RegistryModifier.reg" there.

of course you will then have to a) put the reg file on your cd/dvd and B) change the A:\ to point to the new location

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