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Customizing GUI Install


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Hello There, new here :)

I was just wondering if it would be possible to customize the colours/images on the GUI install of windows (i.e. when its file copying) if your not sure what I mean have a look at this:


Would it be possible to change the images on there and furthermore change the text that windows shows about the various parts of the operating system? TIA if anyone can help!



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I have one other question, I did a search and couldn't find anyting so...

Is it possible to change the colours of the text and background in the textmode installation?

TIA again.

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No it is not.

Actually, the Classic Setup can be enhanced quite nicely :D

I did mine a year or more ago.. so the topic about it is quite OLD..

search for Classic Setup, transparancy, Hp38user (he discovered most of it).

Don't have time to explain how it works, but the topic must still be somewhere.

Classic Setup is really faster then the modern setup and it doesn't have to look Classic :D

EDIT: Hp38user started on the Dutch forum at gathering.tweakers.net (Google keyword: Unattended Install Deel 3) so I searched that topic and found the link to MSFN:


Check out that screenshot, you can apply higher resolution, true color background image, tranceparancy, and the colorstyles from your own Windows Theme :D

Djeess... has it been that long already? used nLite since 2004... now the final is here..

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