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Install D&S folder on another drive


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when creating my own unattented XP Home CD I would like to place the whole directory "Documents and settings" in a drive different than the one containing "Program Files2 and other system directories.

Is it possible ? If yes, how can I identify my different drives when installing since there is no matching with Windows ?

Thanks :thumbup

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yes it is possible.

add to your winnt.sif file


ProfilesDir=”d:\documents and settings”

If the drive letter changes for some reason I don't think you could dynamically check this during the install, it would have to be a fixed drive letter.

Also the drive needs to be formated, not blacnk, just able to be written to before T-12 in setup.

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You can use any valid drive letter. And that is the drive it will be put on. If it does not exist you will get errors at boot up that you are using temporary profiles and whatnot and none of you settings will be saved for the user.

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Glad to hear from people thinking in the same frequency.

Having Windows, Program Files and Documents & Settings in different drives gives number of advantages.

With only Windows folder in one drive, backup image size goes down to around 2 GiB.

Keeping a WINDOWS-VersionHistory.txt logging all the changes done to the system is fun too.

Sharing some discipline related to the topic.



Maintaining well this way, can have a perfect Windows setup.

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To put pagefile.sys to another drive, i simply modify the path for the pagefile.sys in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

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