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Scripting premissions on a harddrive?


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Okey, this is a hard one. I've been googeling for hours now, with no solution.

Through my guide on partitioning RIS (http://www.websikkerhet.com/ris-partitioning.html?⊂=85), I've created a secondary partition. However, that partition does not set any rights for "everyone", or "authenticated users". So, domain users cannot access the drive.

Any idea how I can script premissions, like;

Everyone, Read & Write



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cacls C:\folder\subfolder /t /e /g "everyone":f

would give "everyone" full permission to the subfolder.

Make sure you enclose user groups that contain spaces (i.e domain users) in " " at the end of the command.

If you want, you can also team this up with the "net share" command and create a share prior to implementing permissions. I use this to share a program installation folder:

net share Apps=d:\programs\apps /grant:Everyone,full

followed by the cacls command:

cacls d:\programs\apps /t /e /g "domain users":f

Note, the net share command above is 2003 specific. If you do not use the /grant:everyone,full it will default the share to read only. This does not happen in windows XP.

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