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Alcohol 120% AutoIT


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It seams that in the two last version of Alcohol 120% the /qn doesn't work no more.

Also, there was a AutoIt script for it, but now, they have changed some things, and does not work.

Anybody has an valid AutoIt script for Alcohol 120%

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That it not a problem, can easily be done with an RunOnceEx.

Also you can find the drivers separately and install them.

The problem is that Alcohol now comes with a Toolbar, and I think the box can't be checked with AutoIt.

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Here is an example:

WinWait("Alcohol 120%","Welcome to the Alcoh")
If Not WinActive("Alcohol 120%","Welcome to the Alcoh") Then WinActivate("Alcohol 120%","Welcome to the Alcoh")
WinWaitActive("Alcohol 120%","Welcome to the Alcoh")

WinWait("Alcohol 120% ","Please review the li")
If Not WinActive("Alcohol 120% ","Please review the li") Then WinActivate("Alcohol 120% ","Please review the li")
WinWaitActive("Alcohol 120% ","Please review the li")

WinWait("Alcohol 120% ","Choose which feature")
If Not WinActive("Alcohol 120% ","Choose which feature") Then WinActivate("Alcohol 120% ","Choose which feature")
WinWaitActive("Alcohol 120% ","Choose which feature")

WinWait("Alcohol 120% ","Choose Install Locat")
If Not WinActive("Alcohol 120% ","Choose Install Locat") Then WinActivate("Alcohol 120% ","Choose Install Locat")
WinWaitActive("Alcohol 120% ","Choose Install Locat")

WinWait("Alcohol 120% ","Completing the Alcoh")
If Not WinActive("Alcohol 120% ","Completing the Alcoh") Then WinActivate("Alcohol 120% ","Completing the Alcoh")
WinWaitActive("Alcohol 120% ","Completing the Alcoh")

It doesn't include registration.

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