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Any1 know this update pack?

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I'm not intergrating it with an install I'm making a update CD. I no RyanVM Update pack has it but I don't want to use that pack Iv'e done my own seperate update CD with all the hotfixes on seperate. I've got all hotfixes and updates installed correctly from one batch but I need this only update. Thanks anyway. Anyone else ?

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Or in svcpack.inf, make a batch file that has some if exist commands pointing to a file on a usb mem stick or cdrw. Once the drive is detected, set it to execute a batch on your cd/stick that installs the hotfixes+switches.

But this could cause a problem cos svcpack.inf process won't wait for your hotfixes to finish installing. You could execute all the hotfixes from the original batch in svcpack.inf.

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