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Explorer hangs with defective CD/DVD in drive


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this should be a known problem but I found no solution so far.

When inserting a defective Cd or DVD (read errors or burn failure ...) ,

the explorer hangs and needs to be killed by task manager.

Is there any timeout value in the registry or something like this which can be set to avoid this problem (autoeject?) or is it hardware related from the CDROM drives?

Any comments would be appreciated.

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i use to have this trouble....

I avoided putting any defect cd's in my drive...That solved my issue with that:)

I dont think there is anything else you could do from my previous experience.

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Unfortunately, it is norm :(

Some years ago I have published article about restoration of the information from damaged CD/CD-R/RW and I can advise for this case to use programs of type CDCheck. Isobuster and CD/DVD-Diagnostic have the best results, but work very slowly

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I tried a couple of these programs like Isobuster CDRoller DVDdisaster Retroburn etc.

but NONE of them can solve the problem if the drive is not able to read/identify the disk. (->Firmware issue?)

But I found that sometimes new DVD-ROM drives are capable to accept the disks better than

older DVD-Burners.

So some of my disks have been restored in "cheap" drives now.

But it takes a lot of attempts to find a combination that works.

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Just a thought but as a temporary fix you could always turn off the autorun. That would explain why explorer grinds to a halt when ever a disk is insterted into the drive. All you need is a reg tweek and your done. Search the forum and you'll find it. Good luck.


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I turned autorun off.

But it did not solve the problem, maybe some drive report not(never:-) ready with defective CD.

So either the drive hangs or reports "no media present".

Although I was able to erase some CDs with Nero 6.6 again, some still are unrecognizable.

One funny thing: Some CDs written by Nero and automatically compared afterwards cannot be read after re-inserting (disk blank). So what does Nero when comparing the files???

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