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nVIDIA Driver Installation

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Guest MiniMax

Hello All - MiniMax here :)

I am new to this forum, but I have been fooling around with this unattended XP Home CD thingy for a while now. I normally hang out in the nForcerHQ forums, which is where I first got wind of this site.

Anyway, I have had mixed success with using the OemPnPDriversPath method to get my Detonator drivers to install.

  • If I use the 41.13 driver that comes with UDP 2.03 it works perfectly.
  • If I use 44.03, the driver are installed, but shows up in the device manager as a driver with problems. I can then "update" the driver by selecting the 44.03 driver manually, and they install with out a problem (after I am warned that they are not signed).

I am a bit puzzled by this, since I have the DriverSigningPolicy set to "Ignore"...

The only thing I can think of right now, is that the DriverSigningPolicy settings does not work the way I hoped it would, since the 41.13 driver (which is signed) installs fine, while the unsigned 44.03 fails.

Comments anyone?




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From what I can gather, the safest method is to stick with the WHQL certified drivers if you wish to use the PnPOEMDrivers routine.

The simple reason is, they are the WHQL certified drivers (remember, Windows XP does prefer these drivers).

If you wish to use other drivers that aren't WHQL certified, then the $oem$\$1\install\ route is far better.

I personally use the $OEM$\$1\install\ route, as I know what's going on, and can easily fix it.

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