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Deleting Useless files in Drivers

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After reading the adding drivers to slipstream, I have a question.

The drivers take up 100mb (NIC, Video, Audio, IntelINF). Can I delete any of the sub-folders for each piece of hardware and still get them to install correctly. (example, for ati Catalyst, could I just take the 2KXP_INF folder and put it in drivers\video and delete everything else and get it to install correctly?) Is it trial and error or do I have to try and read the infs?


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Hehe, nope (but I have thought about that before).

What I am trying to say is:

To follow what I am doing go to http://www.MSFN.org/unattended/xp/drivers.htm.

Now say I want to install ATI Catalyst. I download the latest version and extract it using winrar and get this directory structure.

C:\Catalyst3_6\2kxp_inf. The inf files that I am going to add to winnt.sif is =Drivers\Catalyst3_6\2kxp_inf". What I am trying to see is possible, would be to move 2kxp_inf under drivers and then delete Catalyst3_6 (which has the setup.exe etc.)

Will that work, or do I need to keep all those files in Catalyst3_6 too?

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