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XP Built in Encryption - is it safe?

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First of all I don't have any super confidential files on my laptop so I am simply seeking a reasonable protection


I did some googling on Xp file encryption seems pretty decent just have one or two questions.

Are there any particular issues or flaws with Xp encryption?

What type of encryption used and how safe is it?

Answers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Im not sure about any details, but it works like this.

your windows xp user account has a number, called a clsid. that number is unique to that account. the clsid and your password are used to encrypt the data. anyone trying to access the files from another account wont be able to, and if they somehow remove/change your password then the files will be inaccessable. however, if someone gets your password then your screwed.

what i do when i need to protect files is just create a rar or 7z archive and put a password on it, you might want to try that.

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