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I made a reg tweak file, how do i make a undo reg tweak file?


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I compiled a bunch of tweaks into a reg file and applied it to my system. I wish to undo some or all of the tweaks i applied, is there some line of code i can apply to the same reg file to undo them?

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If you know what the settings were before you ran your reg file,

you can edit your reg file and set the settings back to default.

There is no undo feature with the registry.

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I remember coming across a website that had reg tweaks in .reg format. It also provided an undo tweak in .reg format if the tweak didnt work out for that user. I was wondering how to make those?

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The way they are done is to find the value before you edit the registry. export it as a reg file, then import the new settings. because you have already run the new file, you have no way of "going back" as you dont know what the original values are.

only thing i can suggest is post your reg file and someione might be able to fix some of the updates you made

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There is a program reshot at this link


U can use other system (same OS though), at that system

1- Execute the regshot

2- Apply those tweaks at that system

3- Again execute the regshot

Compare the two shots taken at registry and it will give the added and changed keys Report.

Go to your original system and remove OR update those entries as u understand.

Please please, at least take the registry backup before diong so (In case if something goes wrong)


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how hard to backup registry? just said regedit on run box and hocus focus you select menu export then abrakadabra you save with the name you like, voila that's a hot registry to pick up :D

it even don't take a minute :D

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if the key had [HKCU] in the file, put [-HKCU] and it will delete the key

-but doing this may very well totally nail your system if the values already existed!

what has gone wrong?

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Do it like this.

I will illustrate with my "fix a non-reading cd due to filter driver issues" .reg file.

The contents of my cdfix.reg:







Notice the "-" symbols? that is how to remove the keys....

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