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How many cds and Mp3s do you have


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Hey everyone,

yea, i know i havent been online lately, iv been occupied with school and other activities that have cut into my msfn time. yea, so im gonna try to become another good member of the msfn comunity. (whne i got on, i had 30 000 new posts :blink: )

Anyways, this is the question

how many cds do you own (actual music cds, not mp3 cds) and how many mp3s do you have on your computer. This is for a school math project on statistics, and your imput will be greatly appreciated. i check This poll from 2004, but i need the amount of cds they own for it to be usable.

Thanks alot


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i know, i saw that a while ago, but i also need to have the amount of cds those people have. im looking for a relationship between number of cds and number of mp3s (well, see if there is one in this day in age)

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mp3s are always gonna be a higher number because well... yah.... :whistle:

anyway, heres what i have:

about 50 cds and well over 1300 songs on my computer.

lol kool, my 123 post o_O weird, but kool :lol:

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