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I have an idea for xpize 64bit support


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@ Francesco and all:

Your first idea isnt bad at all. I will try to investigate that method, but how if I dont have the money to purchase it? :P Also, if I buy a Restuner license to be used inside XPize, I have my doubts if that would be legal (potential redistribution problems).

You said you are able to develop a similar app. That would be the perfect solution and will make me and many 64 bit Windows users very happy. I would not doubt in donating you for this.

Restuner should not be bought since you can't redistribute that utility...

My idea was to add support for that utility inside xpize, the users then would have to download the shareware version utility and have xpize use it... so there wouldn't be anything to buy...

Maybe if xpize could have an advanced setting during the install wizard to choose which utility to use to replace the resources and its syntax (that would be sprintf'ed during the process) it would be perfect

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Well i like one of the ideas posted over here.

Let Xpize have the scripts to be used .

The End User should install the shareware version on his computer.

Run Xpize , Xpize can use the "End Users " Software on his personal computer.

I see no Mass Distributuin in that!!!

But is the Shareware version capable of the Task we are looking for?

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Yes it does everything except that it adds a "watermark" to the version info of the file (I think something like "EDITED WITH UNREGISTERED RESTUNER" in the name inside the dll version block)

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I have tried contacting the author of reshacker for other things and gotten no reply I personally think reshacker has become abandonware. Only the site works and his copyright wore out in 2004. It hasn't been updated in over 4 years and is likely never to be updated...

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I'm stupid. :o

XN Resource Editor is already 64-bit compatible. Just like CFFExplorer. They just lack batch support. ;)

XN Resource Editor is open-source so we can update it. CFFExplorer is not OSS but imho its coder won't be reluctant to implement this sort of thing.

Now, we just need to ask them for some help. :)

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sorry if i lost track for a while but must of my systems have been converted

to other OS'es (away from having to buy non-student windows licences)

at this point however i dedicated 1 single worstation as dual-boot windows (xp 64) and slackware-linux (a vista 32bit version may be added later) so i guess this topic is back in the picture..

for some reason it still hasn't come to a first x64 version, - lets hope there is stil intrest in sutch a version,

with regards....

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