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How to have a driver cd for post windows installation?


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I basically would want to have windows look through a driver cd that i make and use all the drivers that it may need on that cd. Instead of me manually updating them. I would also prefer to make this temporary and after its done it reverts to scanning the default directory for drivers in the future. I hope this is possible.

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... and after its done it reverts to scanning the default directory...

That's the part that is likely to kill you. Or at the least, make you loose a lot of hair.

It is possible to add drivers to the cd for installation during GUI Mode Setup, either by copying to the hard disk first or directly from the CD. Controlling how windows does it's handling for driver locations though to modify it's behavior is another matter entirely. You _could_ combine a method for inserting a disk swap phase during GUI Mode and build a second cd specifically for drivers, but there is no telling how well that would work.

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