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NVIDIA GeForce7900GTX 512 MB Driver


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I have an ASUS EN7900GTX2DHTV512 GeForce7900GTX 512 MB PCI-E DDR3 W/HDTV & VIVO graphic card. I am trying to slipstream this but I seem can’t find right kind of files. I did check out on BTS graphic pack but the latest version is up to 7800GTX. I opened the folder of 7800 GTX and it has 81 files. I tried to “strip” out the files out from my graphic card cd but I could not find anything. I checked out at NVIDIA website and only able to find the latest version up to 7800 GTX including the Forceware driver. I went to Asus download website and found the driver called ASUS VGA card display driver version 84.21 for Windows 2000/XP but I am not sure how to strip them properly. :unsure:

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Hope to find a solution.

Thanks in advance!

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@augleovirgo: I am not sure I understand your question fully.

I don't have a 7900 series nVidia myself (seem like a pretty good card though :)). Accordinging to nVidia (and Asus it seems given your post) the Forceware 84.21 is compatible with your card.

These drivers you can download from http://www.nvidia.com. The file is an .exe, but you can extract it using 7zip or Winrar or presumably any archiver (maybe). This way you can extract the drivers you need (the .inf files contains the file names).

I didn't check the BTS pack, but would expect it to be up to date with 84.21 as well?? Hope it helps.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Anyone still watching this thread???

I have 7900GT's and want to slipstream my installation. I'm a newbie at this so maybe my question is pretty basic....

I extracted the files from the 84.21 NVidia Driver and have reviewed the files in the .inf file. But I've run into a snag.

A lot of the file extensions in the extracted data end with an 'underscore'. (dl_, sy_). I can reasonably guess that those are .dll and .sys.

However, do I need to edit these file extensions to ".dll" and ".sys" before adding them to the driverpack in order to make them function correctly?

Also, the file contains 2 .inf files which seem to reference the same material. I assume I should include both .inf files in the created driverpack. Is this correct?

Big thanks to anyone that can help!

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If you edit the file extensions then the files will still be compressed.

You need to decompress them with the EXTRACT command at a command prompt, or use 7-Zip or WinRAR.

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Thanks 5eraph, but...maybe I wasn't clear.

I already extracted to files using 7Zip. Its just that when I'm reviewing the files to throw out the ones i don't need, before recompression, i've run into the file extension names with the 'underscore'. I suspect that you are right though, in that they probably should not be edited.

Can you confirm that i only need the files referenced in the .inf file? Any suspicions on the second .inf file?

Forgive my ignorance but i haven't done a slipstream before but really want to try it this time - good technical challenge and all that.

Many thanks for your reply!

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I think 5eraph was getting at the files with the underscores are still compressed, because the original .exe is like zipping together a bunch of zip files.

I'm not sure that you need uncompress it further though. I don't slipstream graphics drivers because there's always a new one next time I reinstall.

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Thank you, Woelfman10.

That's an excellent point about the graphics drivers. I may just leave them out of the slipstream.

ps - in Manitoba, everyone just stare at the snow!

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