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Mount ISO Image in DOS


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prob with that though is that ist WAY slower for extraction than running from cd-itself, if you realy want a quick install, build a ghost image (install your software, use sysprep to deletele user config (and the HAL), and put the ghost image on a hidden partition, than make a floppy boot with ghost to load that particular image.... et voila (and even if you, change hardware, no-problemo (because while deleting HAL - you also should have deleted drivers, (this will make setup ask for local & regional settings a LIC-key, and will finalise setup (with installing drivers)...

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DOS typically has NO support for the faster drive interfaces (ATA, SATA, etc.)

and so the computer defaults to PIO for data transfer, which is terribly terribly slow. and there ya have it.

(besides, XP and newer boot into their own operating environment to install from anyways)

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