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I need to run a PC as a gateway to my home network with linux/windows running :

1)Firewall for my internal LAN network

2)IP updating client for EX. noip.com service(I have a dynamic IP)

3)To connect over the net to this computer and be able to power on my main computer to remotely control it.(I know how to set it all up to achieve this but just stating my purposes here)

What I need help in is.....a pc that can run 24/7 without braking my bank like present modern power consuming PCs. Just need a decent and Lowest Power Consuming PC or configuration without unessary bells and whistles which can get the job done.

Anyone got any suggestions for such a system?I'm not looking for the latest processor or anything. If a old processor can get the job done without eating too much electricity then thats enough for me. Just need your suggestions and how much power will your suggested system consume will be most helpful. I once saw miniPCs which consume only 12V but are extreamly expesive compared to their capabilities.

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For a *very* long time I used an old HP Vectra XA5 to do exactly what you were asking. It was:

HP 85W power supply


2gb 4200RPM harddrive

192mb EDO ram

Pentium original 166 underclocked to 90mhz

Onboard AMD 10/100nic and additional 3Com 3C905b 10/100nic

Matrox Millenium 2064W 2mb PCI video card

No monitor, no keyboard, no mouse. Set the BIOS to not error out and continue booting w/o Keyboard

Used it as a software firewall, router, DHCP server, DNS cache, fileserver (for holding all my MP3's via external USB 250gb drive), terminal server and telnet server. Enjoyed uptimes in excess of 200 days...

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Well, the good thing about some lesser powerful EPIA boards is that the C3 processor can run WITHOUT fan, just like elder 386....

I have found that fan is one of the most easily breakable part in a PC used 24/24.

Some Epia boards can even use "laptop like" power supplies, again NO fan, that means silent PC + one less thing to worry about.

Have a look here for some ideas for the case:



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