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need to find cdkey on dell oem cd

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i have 2 dell oem xp cd's that when i install them on each of my dell laptops they automatically enter the cd key. i need to find out which disc has the code that goes with one of my dell laptops but unfortuneatly i mixed up the cd's. i have one copy installed on one laptop and the other is installing right now, but id like to know where i can find the cd key on the cd. if no one can help me thats fine, just wanted to know the easier way.


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Open up one of the CDs and go into the i386 folder. Open WINNT.SIF with a text editor. There should be a line that says:


So there's one key.

Download and run Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder 1.5 Beta 3 from:


It will tell you the key installed on a particular machine. There's your second key, so you can match CDs to each machine.

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