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Going 64-Bit!

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I have just bought a 939 socket motherboard (still have CPU to get) and I am wandering whether to put XP or XP64 on it. What are the advantages / disadvantages of the 64-bit OS? and what is driver support like? Do all the features work properly in it?



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Depends if your hardware vendor has 64 bit drivers. And some applications won't even function properly while using x64 Windows. The advantages is it does load much faster, the disadvantages are some drivers and applications are incompatible with 64 bit Windows.

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i use xp64.

now that i have used it i cannot say there are any advanteges


poor external device support

no virtual cd drives

only vmware works for a virtual machine

driver apps act up.

Daemon tools has an x64 virtual drive that's been available since January:


Lack of drivers is what's kicking me in the teeth. I can't run my Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000, HP Scanjet 4570c, and my Logitech MX510 mouse and HP Deskjet 6122 run with only the built in drivers. HP says x64 drivers will eventually be available, and same goes for my logitech webcam, but my logitech mouse looks like it will be unsupported from here on out.

Some games actually have 64-bit patches, such as Far Cry and Half-Life 2, so that might be enough to sway you. I would put x64 on if all my hardware were supported, but there isn't enough of a boast in x64 to give up the compatability of 32-Bit XP Pro. If all your hardware is supported by its respective manufactorer with proper drivers, then go for it, otherwise stick with 32-bit XP.

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I also recently got a new MoBo and CPU, should arrive monday.

I have XP Pro 32 bit, but was eyeing the 64 bit XP on NewEgg as I was in check out. Pretty much, here is what I do with my machine, and my specs:

World of Warcraft

Steam Games

City of Heros

Basic internet crap with Opera, Trillian, IMVU, and X-Fire.

Occasionaly some video editing with captures from my games using Adobe Premier.

Graphics eiting using Adobe Photoshop CS.

Some very light programing when I get an itch to try something.

Currently I am using:

Intel 865PERL

Intel Pentium 4 3.0G Prescott

1G DDR400 Corsair Value Select

1x 160G IDE HDD

1x Floppy Drive

2x NEC ND-3500A S DVD Burners

NVidia 5500 FX AGP 8x (I know, I know.... s***ty. But thats what free gets you...)

1x Wireless card (forget brand name, but it's not a name brand. It doesn't matter much because it is my sisters and I am getting my own as soon as I get around to fixing her comp.)

1x PS2 Keyboard (generic)

1x USB Mouse, Kingston Mouse•in•a•Box® Optical Elite

I am upgrading the Video, MoBo, and CPU monday to:

MB ASUS A8R32-MVPDeluxe XPES320 939 - Retail

CPU AMD|A64 3200+ 2.0G 939 512K R - Retail

VGA SPPHRE X1600XT 256M 100146L R - Retail

So pretty much, I know the board and CPU are 64 bit, and I am assuming the video card is supported since it was recommended with the board (and a higher model with the CPU). But should a 64 bit OS support the rest of my hardware as well as the software needs I have?

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stick to the 32 bit copy of windows

its tab slower at booting

but its better

i have the x64 installed

its used about 140 mb more Memory on the 64 bit xp clean install than i do on the 32 bit clean install :/

but there is no games / hard to find programs that work in full 64 bit

and the ones that do work are still running at 32 bit

type of deal

but spazmire11 is right .. about what he said in his frist post :)

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slower at booting? mine is faster

more ram? if urs is then just disable all of the pointless services

no games? the only game that i know of that wont work is splinter cell chaos theory

and almost all programs work, besides partition managers

for your wireless adapter as i said in my earlier post, since youre going to be getting a new one, please refer to this post


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lol i need to up the memory

512 does sux lol

but im not a gamer so i dont really need that much on a box that really does video encoding an mysql work


and i dont mine it being slow to boot

as long as its under 45 secs, for a cold start

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IMO Its a fair bit faster than regular 32bit, sure not many apps support extra speed but you can at least run more apps at once :) Before you install though i would just say you MUST make sure that your hardware will run, I've had great fun looking around for drivers for my soundcard and network card. I still can't find any for my webcam (too common a problem) plus a few programs have trouble installing, virtual CD drives where missing for a long time before Deamon tools got their butts into gear.

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my addvice (based on a system with Nivia chipset, and gforce 6200 (if not mistaking - :P)

just use 32bit xp until vista. and switch to home basic (as earo doesn't seam worth the $$$ and media center stuf, are avail plenty from the OSS world.

(mediaportel for inst).

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