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netmon and nlite


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I'm having trouble running nmap, getting errors about the "netmon protocol driver" and wondering if it was something that nLite removes... so I double checked, and I'm an id***.

I removed it, so now I have to reinstall unless someone knows what to restore :-\

"Network Monitor Driver and Tools" in the "# network #" section of the last_session.ini.

Ah well, live and learn. For my next cd I'm going to be more careful, though this is the only problem I've encountered, and its not nLite's fault, its mine :-) So I'd say my track record is very good.

I'm gonna add some keywords here in case anyone else has this problem: netmon, net mon, npptools.dll, winpcap, nmap, network monitor.


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can you tell me please where I can download and install NetMon
Go to Control Panel => Add or Remove Programs => Add/Remove Windows Components, under the components Management and Monitoring Tools, click Details and there it is, check the box Network Monitoring Tools then click OK to install.
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You may try with : http://www.dependencywalker.com/

Open the exe file you normally run and it will tell you what files are missing for it to work.

(just saw the screenshot at the ned of the page, wtf ? :lol: )

edit : see also http://seclists.org/lists/nmap-dev/2002/Oct-Dec/0027.html


i was having problems getting WireShark to run (it requires WinPCap) but the winpcap.dll error kept popping up so i did this:

dependancy walker worked a treat for me, i opened rcapd.exe in the WinpCap program folder, and found some missing files. so i opened up my windows cd and found them, the files i needed are compressed on the windows cd so just use

expand -r *.*

at a command prompt to expand them all when you have them together in a folder. The files, in case anyone is wondering what they are:


and all i did was expand them and then copy them to my windows\system32 folder. next, i follow the tutorial given here. Enjoy. :thumbup

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