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A few DLL's with icons you can replace


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If you manually replace your icons with res hacker or similar, here are a few .dll's you can find most common icons in...

shell32.dll (Most icons in here)

explorer.exe (My Computer, ZIP Files etc.)

shdoclc.dll (IE Icon)

xpsp2res.dll (Wireless Networking, Service Pack 2 Shields, Bluetooth etc.)

mydocs.dll (My Documents, My Pictures)

netshell.dll (Various network icons)

shimgvw.dll (various image file icons)

all .cpl (control panel) files

anyone else wish to add?


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Run XPize installer (full version) and have a look at the components page, you will see tons of modificable files :)

By the way, for ZIP files are controlled by zipfldr.dll, not explorer.exe :)

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