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Call to Indians::Cheap Computer Configuration


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Hello Guys,

Planning to set-up a Cyber Cafe .

I need help from all you Indians out there( also if possible from others too)

I want suggestions for the cheapest possible configuration..

without sacrificing performance to a very large extent.

Budget ..sumthing like 8-9k per Computer.

I said Indians because I can understand INR better than $.

My config::







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Looks like you live outside India or have not checked the prices of late.

A standard KBD costs--100/-



40GB hdd--1100/- :lol:

I dunno abt. the other things..

Thats what I needed to know :)

Anyway thanks for trying to help!! :thumbup

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9000 Rupees = US$ 200 right? :P and excluding monitor, of course :D

  • Mainboard MSI K8MM-V or ASUS K8V-MX with onboard video card = US$ 50 = 2250 Rupees
  • CPU AMD Sempr0n 2500+ Socket 754 = US$ 68 = 3061 Rupees
  • HDD 40 GB = 1100 Rupees (actually 20 GB is more than enough if You can still find 20GB HDD :D)
  • RAM Kingston ValueRAM or Corsair ValueSelect 256MB PC3200 = US$20 = 901 Rupees
  • Keyboard = 100 Rupees
  • Floppy drive = 200 Rupees
  • Mouse = 60 Rupees (but optical mouse is preferrable :D)

Total: 7672 Rupees, the rest is for case & power supply, AVR if needed, and additional 256MB of RAM if possible :lol:

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I would go for this:


AMD Sempron64 2500/2600+ altrough 2800+ is what I use,

A-DATA, Trancent or other 512MB RAM PC3200 2.5CAS RAM,

forget the 40GB drives, the price of 80 are almost the same, take good ones like Seagate,

Simple keyboard from Genius or other low cost brand

Optical mouse always

Don´t forget to get good PSUs or voltage regulators, TFT screens would be nice too if the budget let´s it, CRT I would go for Samsung.

I hope this helps ;)

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