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Msn startmenu shortcut

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Well, I succesfully installed msn and repacked it into an msi file...

The only problem here is, on my currently running system the startmenu refering to :C:\WINDOWS\Installer\{A31803FA-03ED-11DA-BFBD-00065BBDC0B5}\MsblIco.Exe


But when I install the program by using my msi file, and I click the shortcut created in the startmenu i get the following error:

C:\WINDOWS\Installer\{A31803FA-03ED-11DA-BFBD-00065BBDC0B5}\MsblIco.Exe cannot be found[/error]

I know i could just copy a new shortcut from the installation cd, but that wouldn't learn me anything ;)

Note: When creating the msn installer, it was not possible to edit the shortcut :} I use Macrovision FLEXnet Adminstudio 7.5

Regards Deamobile

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When you repack any application where the source is an .msi file, you need to check the shortcut to make sure it's not an advertised shortcut. If it is delete it and create a standard shortcut. Then do your second snapshot.

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