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Put time for a installation process?

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In my WPI, I need to put theses 2 command lines:

COMMAND 1: "%cdrom%\applications\1.exe"

COMMAND 2: "%systemroot%\prog\2.exe"

However WPI is waiting that the process 1.exe finished for launching 2.exe...

Ii need run the 1.exe during for example 10 seconds and run the second process(2.exe) without closing the process 1.exe.

In conclusion I need to know how we can put a time for the process 1.exebefore running the second process..

Thanks for your help.


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Using batchfile there are a few ways to "sleep" the execution (search for more info), or you could use AutoIT to launch and exit the executables at given times and time-outs.

The bottom line is that you need to call the executables from som sort of script.

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