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there are some great features in vista. (but i asure you the arn't realy usefull for home use... but as a sys-admin id love to get my hands on ....

(for those of the users who require windows that is...

but to home users i say.. (if you want a blazingly fast desktop with near to no viruses all office and media support use linux, if you want windows use xp SP3...

there is imo hardley anything that a home-users neads in vista.. exapt that new over the top cpu and the extra Gig of ram..

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Well, it's the razzmatazz plus security that we home users want. Except Media Center. :hello:

But you can stick your little games, except CHESS looks like it might be OK. But who has time. And to Microsoft directly, or in particular the psychiatrists who treat the designers of the Windows GUI, women don't like crawly things - get that game out-of-there.

I don't like them either, even though I am only woman in phoney photo, to exemplify all is not as it seems on the Net. post-57434-1143581864_thumb.gif

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Some info on Vista:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_vista and


There are definitely a whole boatload of new features in Vista I want to use but I do agree that the hardware requirements at the moment and the reponses from testers on the Beta and the delays and MS employees crying foul at their management seems to make that OS look quite horrendous. But I think it will be a great OS when it gets released. I am gona get a copy of it and upgrade to it I think if I get enough money to buy a copy of it LOL! I am tired of using XP...it is working great for me mind you but I want to be able to play the next gen Direct3d 10 based games for one!

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I like it but you'll need really strong machine to run that :)

"Modern" CPU (Athlon 64 or Pentium 4)

512 MB RAM (DDR 333, DDR 400, DDR2 533+)

DX9 Graphics Card (Radeon 9550 or 9600, NVIDIA FX5200, 6200)

That's what you need. Not exactly strong.

You could probably go as far back as an Athlon XP or older Pentium 4 for the CPU. When Vista is released next year, these hardware requirements will seem even smaller.

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