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Office 2003 vs Office 12 Beta


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its not possible...

but whatever you do, you can better throw away your computer out off your window then installing office 12 beta... (a.k.a. 0ffice 2006)

looks f*cked...

send me a PM if u want a screenshot.



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How install Office Beta 12 beside Office 2003? It's possible or not?

I don't want update or replece...


Office 12 can be installed with Office 2003. Click customize installation when start the setup.

I have both the version running smoothly on my system.

In Office 12 setup there are option like:

Remove previous build

Upgrade previous build

Install seprately.



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Is there a way to install Office 2007 Beta 2 without it checking for previous versions - it wont let me install it because it says I have prevous versions installed which I dont

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Office 07 is shaping up to be a pretty decent release, but I agree Office 2003 for now.

till now Office 2003, because Office 2007 is still BETA ;) But with the release of Office 2007 this will change completely ;)
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