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Which OS are you using?


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at the moment i am using nt4 because it doesnt have many directx capabilities and im too lazy to install ubuntu

the other computer which i do ordinary stuff like anything but work i keep 98se on

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Mac OS X Tiger, version 10.4.9 as my primary OS

Mac OS X Panther, version 10.3.9, on my mom's computer

Mac OS 9.2.2, occasionally on my mom's computer

Windows XP Pro on my home PC (I hardly use it, but I want to brush up on my Windows, which is why I joined this forum)

Windows XP Home on my sister's laptop, who I help with her web design

Windows XP Home at school

I used to use Windows 95 up until 2001, which we then got a new Gateway Profile 3 with Windows 2000. We upgraded it to XP in about 2004, but I switched to a Mac then on what is now my mom's computer. I vowed to myself when I switched that I would stay current on both platforms, so I would know 99% of all computers I used like the back of my hand, but I didn't really see a need to use Windows anymore. I've decided to brush up on it because I'm now required to use it more often, and I'll be using it a LOT more next year.

Never tried Linux, never had any plans to.

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Laptop: XP Pro x86 SP2

Home Workstation: XP Pro x86 SP2

Home Server: Server 2003 Enterprise x86 SP2

Work workstation: Fedora Core 6 (with Beryl installed!)

Work servers: CentOS5 (20 of them)

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Workstation: Windows Vista Ultimate x64

Laptop: Windows Vista Ultimate x64

HTPC: Windows Vista Ultimate

Laptop 2: Windows XP Professional

Server: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise

Web Server: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise

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I use windows 2000. To me it suites my needs perfectly. The only complaint with it is, it lacks the softer feel that xp has.

It seems to have the hard edge rugged feel to it. I guess I will live with it till a solution comes along.

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