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Which OS are you using?


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at the moment i am using nt4 because it doesnt have many directx capabilities and im too lazy to install ubuntu

the other computer which i do ordinary stuff like anything but work i keep 98se on

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Mac OS X Tiger, version 10.4.9 as my primary OS

Mac OS X Panther, version 10.3.9, on my mom's computer

Mac OS 9.2.2, occasionally on my mom's computer

Windows XP Pro on my home PC (I hardly use it, but I want to brush up on my Windows, which is why I joined this forum)

Windows XP Home on my sister's laptop, who I help with her web design

Windows XP Home at school

I used to use Windows 95 up until 2001, which we then got a new Gateway Profile 3 with Windows 2000. We upgraded it to XP in about 2004, but I switched to a Mac then on what is now my mom's computer. I vowed to myself when I switched that I would stay current on both platforms, so I would know 99% of all computers I used like the back of my hand, but I didn't really see a need to use Windows anymore. I've decided to brush up on it because I'm now required to use it more often, and I'll be using it a LOT more next year.

Never tried Linux, never had any plans to.

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Laptop: XP Pro x86 SP2

Home Workstation: XP Pro x86 SP2

Home Server: Server 2003 Enterprise x86 SP2

Work workstation: Fedora Core 6 (with Beryl installed!)

Work servers: CentOS5 (20 of them)

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Workstation: Windows Vista Ultimate x64

Laptop: Windows Vista Ultimate x64

HTPC: Windows Vista Ultimate

Laptop 2: Windows XP Professional

Server: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise

Web Server: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise

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