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XPized Setup.exe for your UACD


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Took me abit longer than expected to get it up onto my host as they set my storage space on the FTP to 15MB instead of 150MB. I am willing todo translations when i have spare time, just send me a PM first so i can get the setup.exe off you to get the translated text from.



Download XP Editions

English Dutch Norwegian

Server 2003 Editions

English : Web Edition Standard Edition Datacenter Edition Enterprise Edition

You may also want to take a look at the Transfer Files and settings and Remote Desktop post


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depends on what you would want changing to make it win2k3, if its simply the words and buttons moved around abit then it wont take more than a couple of minutes to change.

My old version i did translate into norwegian for somebody. all i need is the dutch setup.exe so that i can resource hack it and get all the translated text.

email ur dutch setup.exe to StephenJohnson@Safe-mail.net and ill translate it when i get the chance.

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2003 Edition links added to first post. I have also updated the Dutch version as the file stamp was still in English, have also added Norwegian version

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