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Problem with new HFSLIP under W2k

Bugs Bunny

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With HFSLIP_60306 and 60305 there are errors during filecopy (after formating)

The following files can't be found: wuapi.dll, euauclt1.exe, wuaueng1.dll, wucltui.dll (using english version)

With HFSLIP_60225 everything works fine.


After installing Office2003 windows update says the following windows update is missing:


If it's hflsiped before, windows update does not complain.

Maybe it should be included as optional update in the w2k update list?

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60306 runs really well for me on 2k, building 2k. In spite of some craziness such as codecs, HFCLEANUP, and addons, I haven't had your particular problem. And I have run 60306 *many* times since it was released.

I predict a request for your error_report.

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