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Community opinion on 2003 Server project


Community opinion on 2003 Server project  

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  1. 1. How should the de-crapifying of 2003 Server proceed?

    • Remove all server components and turn into a workstation
    • Remove IIS to create a document server (non-web)
    • Remove IE entirely (traditional FDV style)
    • All of the above

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FDV said:

btw folks who are reading this and wondering what i'm talking about, TommyP, Oleg_II and I are slowly making progress on de-crapifying 2003 server.

one of the things we have to decide is what role we want it to play. in other words, do we rip out server components to make it more like a workstation OS? do we rip out junk like IIS so it can still be a 'server' but a document server, not a web server? i am figuring i will work toward making it a desktop OS for now. i anticipate putting a new page on my site in a few days on 'workstation-ifying' 2003*, which will include how exactly to hack (with pictures) SETUPAPI.DLL so that we can have more people joining in to hack around with the OS.

*yes, we are aware of the 'turn 2003 server into workstation' thread elsewhere on msfn. it's just really not as thorough as we would like.

That sounds like a poll to me! Hold on to your hats!

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TommyP has been busy doing work on file reduction for 2003. I have the reduction data but have only got back from visiting relatives so I have not tried it all out, but will. For my part, I set to cleaning out the registry. The way it's going now, it looks like the stuff I will be removing in the registry will probably destroy web server capability as IIS anyway, and will damage some wizards (but that will not be sad news to any of you -- 2003 has more "manage this and that" wizards than any other Microsoft OS I have ever seen).

And here, for no apparent reason, is a recipe for Elk chili.

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workstation implies no active directory. that's what's winning anyway -- might as well give folks what they want, and it seems to be 'workstation' without IIS and without IE. if workstation, then it wouldn't run several things that the server product would.

i'll kill those keys as well, unless folks think otherwise. (the product would still register within AD when a server looks at it, no worry there.)

p.s. i do not want to start a browser flamewar, but i happen to know ScubaSteve is a fan of Opera. thought i would add that before someone jumps on him for thinking he was advocating IE :)

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cough cough cough read about HFCLEANUP on FDV's site cough cough cough. I hate getting sick. It was probably from the elk roadkill chili.

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