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Running Defender Beta with other anti-spy apps.


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I know it's a no-no to run more than one anti-virus program on your computer at a time. Apparantly the "real-time" monitoring functions of two or more AV apps can conflict.

Does the same run true with MS Defender Beta? I read that it has real-time protection.

Currently, for anti-spy, I am only running adaware (the free version). Does anybody here run both adaware (or spybot) along side Defender?

If so, how's it going? Would there be any problems to me running both?



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I insatll Windows Defender and Ad-Aware on machines and tell people that Windows Defender will actively scan things, and Ad-Aware is for manual scanning in case they think Defender missed something....

I figure Ad-Aware is perfect to compliment Defender because it's not real-time protection, you actually NEED to start it to run it....

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Actually I disagree. I think it is a bad idea to run some antispyware apps together. MS Defender and Ad-Aware are fine in my book. But Ad-Watch and MS Defender would probably be a bad idea. As long as you only use on Antispyware as your real time protection I think you'll be fine. But 2 real time protections may cause you problems. I have seen issues in the past with MS Antispyware and Ad-Watch.

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