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[Question] - SP1 CD vs SP2 CD


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I was curious, does it make any difference if I install SP1 on a PC & then immediately upgrade to SP2?

Is there any speed detriments to doing that vs starting out with a CD that has a slipstreamed SP2 in it?

Basically I was wondering if there are any bad effects from starting with SP1, then upgrading to SP2 vs installing a PC with SP2 installed from the start (off the CD)?



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Other than the ability to uninstall SP2 and the associated disk space for the backup of the SP1 versions of the files replaced, there should be no difference in functionality.

In the brief time your system is at SP1, the firewall won't be activated by default and the Messenger service will still be enabled, so there is a difference before you install SP2.

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Once SP2 came out it made SP1 totally redundant.

Everything you need is incorporated into SP2.

Put that SP1 CD away and 'forgetaboutit!

You'll never need it again.

If you want to slipstream something.....

do it with your XP CD and your SP2 CD.



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