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im so tired of going everytwhere and all i see is "just download the patcher".

MAN. i DID. i download the UXtheme patcher from..neowin? thats the one. i cancelled the widnows thing. rebooted. and ta daaa!

nothing. it didnt work! and im just...SO frusterated with nothing EVER working.

please. someone. want to use custom themes. helpme please?

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I think the easiest way is to it manually.

Find a pre-patched uxtheme.dll file, that matches your language and Service Pack. I think there are links to them in the Unattended Guide.

And then replace the file manually - if possible.

I did it while outside the "to-be-patched" XP install, so I don't know if you'll face "in use" errors.

Not had a single problem related to it.

Hope this helps - somehow. :)

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okay....im really sorry if this comes across as rude. i dont mean any offence. but...whats going on?

why cant anyone help me with this. is this not as simple as i thought?

SolidasaRock, that page has absolutely NOTHING that wll help me. it explains how to patch with NLite. which im not interested in right noiw. in fact, it tells you that if you dont have nLite, to go to the bottom of the page and read:

"Select the version of your OS, and download the proper one. Replace the current file in your I386 folder with the one you download here. ALL are for use with an english version of windows."

thats it. thats all it says. what does that even MEAN. the UXtheme file inst in I386 folder. what does that folder have to do with anything? why did you suggest this?

is there anyone out there who can help me with this patch? please?

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im really disappointed, OtherworldBob, that you didnt include what the deuce " did it while outside the "to-be-patched" XP install" means.

but you didnt.

and im getting errors.


....could you please?

It would help if you posted your errors. It sounds like you're getting mad at people trying to help out when the only thing you're giving them to go on is "help me" and "it didn't work!". Short of doing it for you, SolidasRock gave you all you needed: a DIRECT LINK to the page containing the PREPATCHED uxtheme.dll. You just may have to be in safe mode to overwrite uxtheme.dll, since it may be in use by the operating system in regular mode. If you can't figure out how to get into safe mode, google it instead of wining how no one is helping you.

You could also use xpize 4.2 (google it) to patch uxtheme.dll. It has a lot more options for customizaiton, etc., so you can pick and choose what you want, but it includes a check box for "UXTheme Patch".

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Google suggests this:

Patching your uxtheme.dll manually

And, by

" did it while outside the "to-be-patched" XP install"

I mean that I have 2 installations of XP on my machine.

So I can boot into my "Recovery" installation of XP, and simply Cut+Paste the patched file, over the original in my "Main" installation of XP and since that is not in use, I don't get any of the Protected File difficulties.

Here is my patched system, with TigerXP theming.


I haven't tried the method suggested in the link, but something for you to try.

Good luck. :)

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*frustrated talking* :}

is there anyone out there who can help me with this patch? please?

With neowinpatcher you are be able to change back to the old state. The old uxtheme.dll must be rewritten to uxtheme.old or uxtheme.bak (something like that) so change it back to uxtheme.dll (go to safe modus to do this).

But are you realized there is MUCH ways to fix your problem? Try google, or try to find other people at MSFN which are the same land as you and ask them by PM for a patched uxtheme.dll or uxtheme.dl_ (keep in mind you dont send any frustrated PMs ;) )

Edited by SolidasRock
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one of the oldest tricks in the book....

copy your uxtheme to a folder , and patch it.

In command promt : makecab uxtheme.dll , and copy that to your i386 folder.

5 min work

Problem is he is probally lost his old uxtheme.dll and now have a wrong version/language (whatever) uxtheme.dll (i think because he write nothing works anymore for him?)

Thats why i ask him to take a look for a uxtheme.bak or .old or something like that....

If the LUNA theme is working properly, he could patch his uxtheme.dll yes....

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alright, i would like to make a true apology. im usually not like that! a long day, and a bad mood. wasnt fair to take it out on you guys. thanks for the verbal asskicking woelfman10!

and thanks for your patience everyone. ill try a few of these methods and get back to you! again, im really sorry. that was really juvenile of me. i think i was just feeling really stupid, ya know?

aggh. alright. im really excited now i really want this to work. ill post results.

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okayt..this just..isnt working.

im SO SAD.

all ive ever wanted to do is make my own windows. have my own neat customized interface.

i will pay a million dollars to the man who simply gives me a step by step walkthrough of how to do this.

man. someone said.."oldest trick in the book?" and then said...

makecab"? command prompt?

old versin? patched file?

i dont know NAYTHING.

ive googled. ive posted. ive pleased. and soon ill have thrown up. i think ive been reading TOO much. because im just really confused now.

a million dollars. no wait.....okay. if you give me a step by step on how to patch or...whatever its called, for windows XP Professional SP2, i will thank you. i will! ill thank you! so...if you want me to thank you, a lot, then please do this. because im crazy now. i really am.

and...do you think that maybe a simple guide like that should be a sticky? i mena if its so popular, hweres the sticky?

i dont know man. i only recently learned what a sticky was.

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b&b, I'm not sure we understand what the problem is other than "it doesn't work". by "outside of Windows" he meant either booted into safe mode or using a boot CD like ERD Commander or DigiWiz's miniPE which will boot into a Windows like environment and allow you access to all the files.

Do you know what Safe Mode? Did you try that? If not, then do that first. Copy the patched file and overwrite the existing one.

As a general rule, I don't overwrite any file. I tend to add a non-functioning extension like ".orig" to the original file and then copy over the new one. That way I always have the original file in the original place if I need it.

Whatever the case, tell us exactly what you did and what isn't working or no one will be able to help you. the advice about xpize was good and easy to follow. You haven't said if you tried that or not.

One of the problem I see is that you are trying to patch a live installation of XP and some fo the advice here is for patching the files used to install XP, and it seems that is confusing you. You can do either, but if you don't understand a point like "do it from outside Windows", then stick with that until you do understand it and then move on. It will work better if you do it that way.


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alruight. i tried using Xpize. that didnt do anything. i tried using the neowin patcher. that didnt do anything. i tried restarting in safe mode and putting the patched file in the System32 folder, as well as that I386 folder. nothing.

of course by nothing i simply mean that my Area04 theme from 4impressions.net doesnt show up in my themes drop down menu.

something i want to happen very much.

what else is there?

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